What is SWIFT and IBAN?


These terms relate to the Bank Wire payment option:

A SWIFT code – also known as a BIC – is made up of 8 characters and is used to identify a particular bank (e.g. HEBACY2N).

An IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and helps banks identify your specific account for payments (e.g. of IBAN format: DE00 0000 0000 0000 0000 00) IBANs are not used in all countries. If you are requesting a withdrawal to a bank account which does not have an IBAN, you may put your account number in the IBAN field and your branch code in the Comments field on the withdrawal page.

Your SWIFT code and IBAN can usually be found on your bank statement or online banking portal.

Please note that we require IBAN and SWIFT code for all SEPA transfers; without these details we won’t be able to execute your withdrawal.

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